Disable your rescue page on code loss

If you loose your labels or accessories containing your rescue QR code, you can disable your rescue page and thereby make the QR codes useless. After your QR code has been scanned, the rescue page will then display the information that the rescue page does not exist or a special message specified by yourself.

Disabling your rescue page can be done 24/7 in the user panel at our website.

Decide which emergency information is displayed

You are the only one who decides which data will be displayed on your own rescue page.

First of all, you are the one who provides your emergency information and every information is optional. You can freely omit your age, if you wish so, but remember: every information could be important for your first responder.

In addition, we added a function to quickly hide an information from your rescue page. If you provide your emergency information and are not sure about a certain fact, hide it from your rescue page until you have discussed with your physician.

Multilingual rescue page

We were persuaded that language should not be a barrier during human rescue. We are located in Luxembourg, a country where everyone speaks at least 4 languages. But we are aware that there are countries where you only speak one to two languages. That's why we translated our rescue page into many languages. Currently, our rescue page is available in 10 languages but that number will steadily increase.

It does not matter if you live in a multilingual society or you travel a lot — being understood is a lifesaver.

Human First

QR-Help was built for humans. No effort was spared to make the system easy to use and understand.

We are a team of volunteers that have the goal to help you in life-threatening situations.

At our help desk, you will find a large number of questions answered in detail, which you may also ask yourself. If you do not find what you are looking for, we will be happy to help you.

Quick, multilingual support

Our team is composed of only volunteers. Nevertheless, we have a low response time when it comes to support questions.

You can count on an answer within 24h in four languages: English, French, German and Luxembourgish.

Works worldwide

It is as simple as that: As long as you have internet access and as long as your internet service provider has not blocked foreign websites (which is the case in some countries), you can access the entire site: your rescue page, your user account and all your information will be accessible at any time.

Request new QR code after the old one has been scanned

Smartphones and QR code reading apps often keep track of the scanned QR codes. That means that, once a QR code has been scanned, the reader can reopen that page later on. We added a notice to the rescue page that the first responder should empty her/his browsing history but we have no way to force the user to do so.

That's why we propose to all our users to change their QR code after it has been scanned. They order new ones, the old ones get disabled, and they get the new ones shipped after only a few days.

Upload documents

You can upload documents to confirm your provided information.

Even if you provide all the necessary information that would be needed in the case of an emergency, first responders might want to have a verification. Because initially, everything on your rescue page has the same value as if you would speak with your first responder.

That's why we encourage you to upload PDFs and images.

Available for the entire EU

We have opened registrations for every citizen of the European Union.

The EU provides us with an uniform legislation and easy shipment regulations that we can work with, even as non-profit organisation. We are however not interested in nationalities, all we care about is your shipment address.

Collaboration with rescue services

In order to minimize possible loss of time, the arrangement of your information on the rescue page was worked out together with paramedics.

The awareness among paramedics is growing, as we inform them about the system.