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QR-Help is a system launched in 2013 by a small team of the non-profit Luxembourgish Haemophilia Association ALH a.s.b.l. It has initially been started to offer an improvement of conventional SOS capsules to the members of the ALH and has then been opened for everyone.

QR-Help is independent of any health insurance company, from state institutions or any other financially interested party. For us, the sole purpose of the initiative is to help save people's lives and — as some users stated — we already managed to achieve this goal. We will do everything in our power to ensure that this goal is also achieved in the future.

Our Team

Loïc Beurlet

Project manager

System architect


Sam Thilmany



Luc Beurlet




Dr med. Caroline Marx

Medical Support

External translators:
  • Marc Aardoom (Dutch)
  • Alexandra Da Silva Gouveia (Portugese)
  • Darek Kurowski (Polish)
  • Chantal Lorang (Spanish)
  • Damiano Tolazzi (Italian)
  • Tzvetomir Tzvetkov (Bulgarian)
  • Oxana Zbarakh (Russian)

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As a service from a non-profit organization, our financial resources for the development of the project are very limited. If you want to support us, we would appreciate a donation. You can donate via PayPal or bank transfer. Our sincere thanks go out to you in advance.

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