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What is QR-Help?

We are a service of a non-profit organisation offering the most modern solution for quick help in an emergency.

Since in an emergency every second counts, we use the QR code technology to ensure instant access to your emergency information at almost every place in the world. All your first responder has to do, is scan your personal rescue QR code with any mobile device. He then has access to your saved data and can easily make the right decisions on how to help you.

As we take security and data protection very serious, your sensitive information are well secured and only available in an emergency.

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Key Features

Full control over your data

At QR-Help any information is entered by you personally.

You decide which information you want to share with your first responder and which you prefer to keep private.

You can supplement your information by adding medical contact information, documents or medications.


QR-Help is available to all citizens of the European Union. However, the QR code and thus your emergency information can be read worldwide.

The rescue page is currently available in 10 languages and further translations are being prepared.

Quadrilingual support is available within 24 hours. (Luxembourgish, German, French, English)

Human First

QR-Help was built for humans. No effort was spared to make the system easy to use and understand.

We are a team of volunteers that have the goal to help you in life-threatening situations.

At our help desk, you will find a large number of questions answered in detail, which you may also ask yourself. If you do not find what you are looking for, we will be happy to help you.

High Security

QR-Help stores your information under the most modern security standards in German data centres.

In addition, QR-Help complies with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and treats your confidential data with the utmost care and respect.

Manage your QR code

To protect your data, you can deactivate your rescue page, for example, if you lose your QR code, and request a new QR code.

The page can also be deactivated after a scan so that no one can read your data after the rescue operation.

Collaboration with rescue services

In order to minimize possible loss of time, the arrangement of your information on the rescue page was worked out together with paramedics.

The awareness among paramedics is growing, as we inform them about the system.

No automatic contract renewal

QR-Help does not automatically renew your contract after the end of the contract period.

You can activate an automated order to renew your subscription. The contract will, however, only be concluded after your manual payment.

Where can QR-Help be useful?

Sports Accidents

Many sports can be dangerous. Accidents happen quite often.

You can simply attach a QR-Help label to your mountain bike, your diving equipment, your climbing gear or ski wear.

Our accessory page includes some resistant tags, ready to accompany you on your exciting journey.

Sudden Complications

Life can be wonderful. But unfortunately sometimes, it has its own surprises that nobody can control, as healthy as you might have been the day before.

In such cases, giving your first responder a heads up is essential.

Traffic Accidents

The human wants to go faster every day. The number of vehicles on our roads increases by every day.

Regrettably, this steadily increases the risks involved and often the worst things affect the less reckless.

It doesn't matter if you drive a family van, a Porsche, a motorcycle or even a bicycle. QR-Help is there for you.

Work Accidents

In some work sectors, wearing protective clothing like helmets, is mandatory. That is well justified: Some jobs are risky.

But regardless of whether you have a white collar job or you perform manual labor, you should be well prepared for emergencies.

Every Age Group

Every age comes with its own perks and risks. Small children start to discover the world and thereby have a higher risk to fall. They also have a higher risk catching a virus, get lost and are unable to explain their medical situation to first responders. Elderly people often have quite similar issues, if you think about it.

Think of your children, your parents — but don't forget yourself!

Rare Diseases

Sometimes, rare diseases are not adequately treated because they are so rare that the medical evidence is missing. But the most common issue is that the fewest will guess your medical condition — remember, it is extremely rare.

Now imagine, how will a first responder handle the situation? How does he know what to focus on if he doesn't know you? What medication do you immediately need?

Assist your paramedics, inform them!

Subscribe now and live carefree

We’ve designed the registration process as easy as possible. You are led by our system and only need to respond to small, specific questions. Your account is then created automatically.
No emergency information is required during the registration. Those are entered in your secured userarea. This may be done together with your doctor.

For less than 0.10 € a day you live in the calm certainty, that a first responder can help you adequately. Your life is worth so much more!

Not convinced yet?

We invite you to take a look at our whole website, learn more about our motivation, our security standards and features. If any question should stay unanswered, feel free to contact us, using the contact form. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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Single Subscription 35 00 /year
  • 1 Year SubscriptionNo automatic renewal of the contract
  • 6 Heavy Duty Stickers with QR code
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