System security

The QR-Help system is written by ourself assuring the high data protection. We do not store any password in cleartext. Instead, we use salts and encode your passwords each time you enter it.

We are fully protected agains XSS-attacks, CSRF-attacks, SQL-Injections, brute-force attacks and many more.

All our systems are using the latest available software and updated on a regulary basis.

Server security

Our servers are extremely secured. They are located in Germany at one of the largest data centres of Europe. We benefit from multiple redundant connections to both the internet and the power grid, redundant UPS-systems (Uninterruptible power supply), diesel power generators, modern fire systems, hardware DDos (Distributed denial-of-service attacks) protection and 24/7 high-security surveillance-camera systems. All those are there to assure that your data is fully protected and QR-Help is always online to assist you whenever you need it. (Speaking of servers, all our servers are extremely heat and power efficient and use energy from renewable sources only.)

TLS encrypted connection

The connection between your browser and our servers is completely encrypted using an TLS certificate issued by Let's encrypt and a 2048 bit public key.

This means that every information leaving your browser is encrypted in your browser and only decrypted on our servers. Every information leaving our servers is encrypted the same way.

We do not store credit card information

As we only allow payment by bankwire and Paypal, we do not store any credit card information. Every information you enter during payment is kept private on the PayPal servers.

Learn more about PayPal's legal terms and conditions.


All our Emails are sent using an Email address. We do this for you to be able to verify that the email is really sent by us.

In our Emails, we always address you by your full name, we do not ask for any private information and we do not force you to click on any link (except for a password reset request).