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30 Aug 2019

Launch of our new system

We are proud to announce the launch of our new version of QR-Help. Many things are new, others have changed. Our new website is in essence a completely new system, inspired by the good ideas of our former one. Here is a non-exhaustive list of changes:

  • A new rescue page: Click here to see a demonstration rescue page or login to your account and click on "Open rescue page in new window" to check out your own new rescue page.
  • The whole website is now available on mobile devices.
  • You can now add your family to QR-Help: add multiple family members and control the subscriptions from one main account.
  • Every page is now translated into Luxembourgish. We are also starting to officially give support in Luxembourgish.
  • Automatic renewals: you can now setup your account to automatically submit an order in your name one month before the expiration of your subscription – you will still need to manually pay.
  • You can now use two-factor-authentication to secure your account.
  • We have introduced a brand new design.
  • Your rescue page is now available in Russian and Bulgarian.
  • You can now add physicians to your rescue page: as you could before for your emergency contacts, you can now add physicians which you can link other medical content (like surgeries or vaccinations) to.
  • Gifts are now available: you can now order QR-Help subscriptions as gifts for other people.

Last but not least, we want to thank our many volunteers who helped making this system possible: A special thanks goes out to our translators having translated our new rescue page into more languages than ever before, and testers who have extensively tested the new system. But don't be too harsh on them if you find an error or mistake. In such a case we will be glad to hear from you and fix the issue in no time!