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28 Jan 2021

Data Privacy Day 2021

ℹ️ Today is the Data Protection Day.
Do you see data protection as merely something that has resulted in annoying forms to sign and irritating banners being displayed on websites?

❗️ Data protection is much more!
It is the prerequisite for privacy, which, for a good reason, is a fundamental human right!
How would you feel if a stranger was sitting at your dinner table, transcribing your private conversations? What would you think if a stranger rang your doorbell to inform you about a new drug for your heart condition?

❓ How does QR-Help contribute?
➡️ We are completely transparent to HOW we handle your data.
➡️ We are strictly adhering to EU-GDPR.
➡️ QR-Help is built in a security-by-design fashion.
➡️ We don't run ads on our website! And thus, no ad can analyze your behavior.
➡️ Your data is in your control! We do not collect data about you through third-party services!
➡️ We do not pursue commercial interests. Data trading is a no-go to us. Your annual membership fee and donations are the only ways we finance our service.
➡️ If you lose trust in us, you can delete all your data at any time!

Medical data in your control