Terms of use

General terms of use

    Article 1 - Scope

  1. The purpose of these 'general terms of use' is to provide a legal framework for the procedures to make QR-Help services available and for their use by 'the User' (term defined in 3.1).

    The general terms of use must be accepted by all Users wishing to access the site. They constitute the contract between QR-Help and the User. By accessing the site, the User acknowledges his acceptance of these general terms of use. In the event of non-acceptance of the general terms of use stipulated in this contract, the User must waive access to the services offered by the site.

    Special services may be provided on the basis of special terms of use which complete or modify the general terms of use. In the event that the general terms of use are in contradiction or inconsistency with the special terms of use, the latter shall prevail. In the case of contradictions or inconsistencies in the translations of the terms, the French version prevails.

  2. Article 2 - Legal information

  3. QR-Help is a service of the Association Luxembourgeoise des Hémophiles (ALH) a.s.b.l. having its seat at 8, rue Siggy vu Lëtzebuerg L-1933 Luxembourg and being registered in the Trade and Company register under the number F5125. It is managed independently by its own team of volunteers. Any non-member of the ALH who submits an order or has an active subscription at QR-Help automatically becomes a donor member of the ALH for the current year. The respective contribution is included in the subscription price. QR-Help regularly updates its legal notices on its website under https://www.qr-help.com/en/legals/.

  4. Article 3 - Definitions

  5. For the purposes of these terms of use, capitalised words have the meanings assigned to them below:

    1. User: this term refers to any person who uses the QR-Help site or any of the services offered by this site.
    2. Member: any person with an user account at QR-Help.
    3. Login Identifiers: this is the set of information needed to identify a Member on the site.
    4. One Year: One year is defined as 365 days.
    5. Patient: Anyone who is in distress and/or wishes to receive care (first aid or any other type) based on the use of QR-Help is considered a Patient.
    6. Emergency Information : This is all the information provided by the Member, intended to be displayed for the use of the first responder.
    7. Rescue QR Code: this is the QR code in the Patient's possession that guarantees access to the Emergency Information by means of the 'Rescue Page' (see 3.9).
    8. Alphanumeric Rescue Code : this is an alphanumeric code that guarantees access to the Emergency Information by means of the 'Rescue Page' (see 3.9).
    9. Rescue Page : This term refers to the page that contains a Patient's Emergency Information and opens after scanning the Patient's Rescue QR Code or by submitting the Alphanumeric Rescue Code on the QR-Help site.
  6. Article 4 - Access to the services

    1. The site allows the User:
      1. to learn more about QR-Help.
      2. to register at QR-Help and thus become a Member.
      3. to open the Rescue Page and thus display the Patient's Emergency Information.
    2. The site allows the Member:
      1. to manage his subscriptions, family and Emergency Information.
      2. to change any saved information (see Article 6).
      3. to delete his account.
      4. to order subscriptions and accessories for himself or for any other person as a gift.
    3. The non-member User does not have access to services reserved for members. For those, he must identify himself using his Login Identifiers.
    4. The User accepts that certain 'First-party cookies' are stored in his browser to guarantee the functioning of the site, the security of the systems, a good user experience and in order to identify the User for internal statistical purposes.
    5. Some pages contain a protection by Google Recaptcha. On these pages, a notice is displayed at the bottom right of the page with a link to the terms of this service, as well as the privacy rules.
    6. The site uses all the means at its disposal to ensure quality access to its services.
    7. Any event due to a case of force majeure resulting in a malfunction of the network or the servers does not engage the responsibility of the QR-Help.
    8. Access to the site's services may be interrupted, suspended or modified at any time for maintenance or any other reason without notice. The User undertakes not to claim compensation following the interruption, suspension or modification of the service.
    9. Any time indicated on the site, on any document transmitted and on any other communication is provided in the Luxembourgish time zone. QR-Help cannot be held responsible for problems related to time delay, misinterpretation of time or change to summer/winter time.
    10. QR-Help cannot be held responsible for errors in the transmission of e-mails, the rejection of such e-mails by the recipient server, the classification of such e-mails as spam, the double reception or late delivery of such messages and any related problems.
  7. Article 5 - Intellectual property

    1. The trademarks, logos, signs and other content of the site are protected by intellectual property laws and more particularly by copyright.
    2. The User requests the prior authorization of the site for any reproduction, publication or copy of the various contents.
    3. The User agrees to use the contents of the site in a strictly private context. The use of the contents for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
    4. QR-Help® is a figurative trademark registered in the European Union under the number 011831849.
  8. Article 6 - Personal data

    1. The processing of personal data is described on the 'Privacy Policy' page (https://www.qr-help.com/en/privacypolicy/) on the website.
    2. The User accepts the processing of personal data as described in 6.1.
    3. The User accepts that for each e-mail sent by the system (automatically or manually), the e-mail address of the recipient, the name of the recipient, the subject of the message, the identification number of the message and the date it was sent is recorded.
  9. Article 7 - Liability and force majeure

    1. The site undertakes to implement all necessary means to ensure the best possible security and confidentiality of data, in accordance with the laws in force, in particular the GPDR (EU 2016/679).
    2. The site cannot be held liable in the event of a force majeure or the unforeseeable and insurmountable event of a third party.
  10. Article 8 - Rescue Page

    1. QR-Help declines any responsibility for the incorrect treatment of a Patient.
    2. The Rescue Pages are under the sole responsibility of the Patient.
    3. The User opening the Rescue Page accepts that the Patient is informed about the opening. At the same time, the following information is disclosed: the date and time of the opening, the anonymised IP address, the language of display and the approximate location.
  11. Article 9 - Responsible use of the site

    1. The User agrees to use the site only for the reasons listed under 4.1 and 4.2. In particular, he confirms that he is not trying to obtain access to the part of the site reserved for Members, he does not perform 'Social Engineering' and that he does not attempt to access any saved information without a Patient's Rescue QR Code having been presented to him. In addition, the User warrants that he is not attempting to disrupt the availability, performance or safety of QR-Help.
    2. QR-Help reserves the right to suspend any account of a Member who does not act in accordance with these general terms of use conditions and, if applicable, the accepted special terms of use.
    3. QR-Help reserves the right to block access to the site and its services to any User (and any User sharing his IP address) who does not act in accordance with these terms of use.
  12. Article 10 - Modification of the terms of use

  13. QR-Help reserves the right to unilaterally modify the content of these general conditions at any time.

  14. Article 11 - Duration

  15. The duration of this contract is indefinite. The contract shall be effective against the User as from the date of use of the service.

  16. Article 12 - Place of performance and jurisdiction

    1. The Luxembourgish legislation applies to this contract.
    2. Unless otherwise agreed, the seat of QR-Help is the place of performance of the obligations of QR-Help towards the User and of the User towards QR-Help.
    3. The courts of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute between the User and QR-Help, although the latter may bring the dispute before any other court which, in the absence of the above-mentioned election of court, would normally have jurisdiction over the User.
    4. In the event of a dispute between QR-Help and the User concerning the interpretation or performance of the contract, either party may resort to a conciliation procedure in accordance with the applicable regulations.
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