Where do I best put my sticker?

  • Do NOT put them next to other QR codes (or other sorts of bar codes). Smartphones often have problems distinguishing which code to read if there are multiple ones.
  • Do NOT put them in/on your car. If you lent your car to another person, a first responder might think that it belongs to that other person, not you.
  • Do NOT put it on an object that you don’t own. Your QR code should never be worn by another person than yourself as first responders could get confused.
  • DO NOT place them in places that are easily visible outside of emergency situations. Do not stick labels on your bicycle or on the window of your car (use special vehicle stickers for this purpose). Keep in mind that the QR code could be read by passers-by even in non- emergency situations if they are worn visibly.
  • Try to HIDE your rescue QR code if someone is taking pictures or videos of you. Even on pictures, the QR code can be scanned and your data might then be compromised.
  • Put it on personal stuff that you can bring with you into the hospital. If nobody saw your rescue QR code before you arrive at the hospital, you want to have it visible in the emergency room.

Examples are:

  • On your wallet
  • On your ID card, your social security card or your driver’s license
  • On a necklace (jewellery, dog tags, SOS capsule, ...)
  • On a keychain
  • On your motorcycle helmet
  • On your construction helmet

Don’t forget to test your QR code at its final location.